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Fried Gnocco from Modena

The fried gnocco is made from a very simple mixture of flour, milk, water, salt and, if desired, a little yeast, "rolled" into sheets a few millimeters thick and cut into lozenges with a side of 10-15 cm. cooked by immersion in abundant pork lard at a temperature of 180°C.

Product features 

Enter the magic of fried gnocco, a pillar of Emilian cuisine with a recipe as simple as it is irresistible. A mix of flour, milk, water, a pinch of salt, and yeast, rolled out thin and cut into diamond shapes, reaches its peak when fried in abundant pork lard at 180°C. This delicacy varies by locality: from Parma's "torta fritta" to Piacenza's "chisulèn," to the "paste fritte" of the mountainous areas. Born from the wisdom of farmers to make the most of winter lard, fried gnocco embodies the true essence of Modenese street food, offering a quick meal rich in taste and tradition. A culinary experience that speaks of history, conviviality, and authentic flavor, ready in moments to delight every palate.

Culinary Uses

Fried gnocco is a particularly versatile food that can be enjoyed at any time of day: from breakfast on its own, to a snack enriched with jams or chocolate-hazelnut spread, or at lunch and dinner accompanied by pinzimonio vegetables, cold cuts, and soft cheeses.


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